Liz Berg, what's the last great thing you heard?

Pack it up winter people, you sadistic creatures who thrive in gloom, darkness, and temperatures suitable for preserving raw meat. Your season has passed. Accept it. The photoperiod is waxing, so either shield your eyes from the glare or crawl back into your cave.

This is my season now; it’s Springtime in the Northern Hemisphere.

To me, nothing embodies the warm weather months like a sunny, melodic pop tune full of hand-claps and a sing-along chorus. The best way to celebrate the season is with a frivolous happy song, especially once the chocolate bunnies, pastel palettes, and daffodils have melted, faded, or gone to pot.

“Porthole Marriage Dance (I Love Montreal)” is by the one-man-band, Expwy, aka Matt LeGroulx of (you guessed it) Montreal. The song can be found on a new EP that was released this month, which I came across during my weekly blitzkreig on the Free Music Archive. Expwy’s music is released under a Creative Commons non-commercial share-alike license.

Happy Spring!

Liz Berg is a DJ and Assitant General Manager at WFMU, the longest running freeform radio station in the United States.
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