Diana Kimball, what's the last great thing you saw?
Tiny Hand Over Hand
Julie Bosman

Credit: David Frank / The New York Times
Ashima Shiraishi's story is arresting. She found her calling after clambering up Rat Rock in Central Park, once and then many times afterward—she couldn't get it out of her mind. At age 11, she's conquered bouldering problems that have stymied many adult climbers. Her small hands easily grip precarious holds; her father, a dancer, helps her work on her cadence and form. This year, she won the national youth bouldering championship. For the third time.

I loved this article by Julie Bosman, but it's the video that's breathtaking. I discovered both via a link tucked away in my Twitter stream, shared by Craig Mod. In the video, Ashima's skill and verve are electric. She so vividly loves the ascent; in one sense, bouldering is her whole world. But in another sense, she's 11, and the world is a big place. Her favorite subjects at school are gym and woodworking. She's got her whole future ahead of her. Which reminds us: so do we.

Diana Kimball is a student at Harvard Business School.
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