Cameron Koczon, what's the last great thing you heard?
No Regular Play - Owe Me
Nicolas Jaar Mix

The last great thing I saw / heard was this 5 hour performance by Nicolas Jaar in the geodesic dome at MoMA PS1. It's probably the best listening experience I've had in my life. Since that's not too shareable, I've got the track that kicked off my relationship with Jaar's music. Owe Me, remixed by the then 19 year old Jaar, made me love electronic music again and I've been obsessively listening to his stuff ever since. He never disappoints.

Don't listen without headphones on and the volume to 10.5.

Cameron Koczon is the Founder of Fictive Kin.
MAY 14, 2012  •  GREAT THING 11 OF 20

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