Baratunde Thurston, what's the last great thing you saw?
“The Interrupters”
Steve James and Alex Kotlowitz

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Technology has dominated the meaning of the word "innovation" in popular culture, but innovation knows no bounds, and we often need it in areas of society that receive less attention, areas like urban violence. A few weeks ago I spoke at the Tribeca Film Festival's Interactive program about digital storytelling. There I met a man who shared with me the film "The Interrupters." It's the story of a group of former gang leaders in Chicago who intervene in tense situations to prevent murders in Chicago. It's about the power of humor, love and courage to de-escalate a war that receives far too little coverage.

As someone whose father was murdered in a case of drug violence, who has seen firsthand the damage unchecked violence can do to a neighborhood, I can't recommend this film enough. It's the last great thing I saw on the Internet.

Baratunde Thurston is the best-selling author of
"How To Be Black."
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